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Lowering and raising blinds or shades on high windows can now be done with the push of a button or automatically with a timing sensor. Choose to operate your motorized shades via a sensor that monitors amounts of sunlight and temperatures, or by remote control.

San Antonio, motorized shades and blinds used to be a luxury only the wealthy could afford, but new developments in how the components are manufactured has brought down the cost.

San Antonio, motorized blinds and shades are a wonderful convenience and upgrade to any home or office and allow you to get the maximum benefit from your windows. San Antonio, motorized shades and blinds are a perfect solution for all types of windows:

  • Hard to reach windows due to extreme height
  • Create the desired amount of shade in any room without getting up
  • Great for the elderly or handicapped who cannot get around easily
  • Protects your furniture, flooring, photographs and other items from the damage of direct sunlight.

San Antonio, motorized shades are also an excellent added security measure, as they can be programmed to automatically raise in the morning or lower in the late afternoon or evening, giving the illusion someone is home, when actually at work or on vacation.

A San Antonio motorized window treatments expert will be happy to review your specific needs and applications and help determine the best options for adding motorized shades or blinds to your home or office windows.

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I have been delinquent in not doing this sooner, but Betty and I want to thank you and your team for the motorized awning that Cortina installed at our home earlier this year. We have thoroughly enjoyed it and it has worked perfectly. Before that, our cabana was essentially unusable from about 3 pm until sunset. But the awning has allowed us to recapture this space and enjoy it as it was intended. Thank you so much!Kirk & Betty
Its fun working with such a talented Cortina team who always involve you in everything they do and make you understand what exactly they are trying to do. I got excellent Patio Screens done from Cortina and they are THE BEST.Stephanie Perez